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We are a highly responsive IT services, consultancy and support business. Working closely with your team, we first identify your specific needs through a process of Solutions Analysis then provide cost-effective enhancements that improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs and give your business a competitive edge. We have particular expertise in optimising IT infrastructures and, if appropriate, creating virtual IT environments through server, desktop and application virtualisation.

We aim to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients based on exceptional service; delivering consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.



Your Virtual IT Department

As your Virtual IT Department, we can provide the key services you need to ensure that your IT infrastructure is appropriate for your business requirements both now and into the future.

We focus our services around the core strategic elements that make the most difference to your business; assisting your team in optimising processes, improving efficiency, protecting your data resources and understanding the strategic direction needed to deliver the IT infrastructure that your business needs at a cost it can afford.

We also provide the essential IT Services needed to maintain and support your systems as business demands change over time.

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Virtualization of servers, desktops, applications and storage is revolutionising the IT industry and spreading rapidly to every part of IT infrastructures.

Essentially, virtualization allows a single computer (or server) to perform the functions that would have taken many. By sharing resources, virtual desktops and servers allow multiple operating systems and applications to be hosted from a single computer.

Many far reaching benefits have been delivered to PT Solutions' clients through various virtualization technologies but they aren’t necessarily beneficial to every organisation. Find out if virtualization is right for you.

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