Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is the most mature of the virtualization technologies and provides a very viable alternative to deploying multiple physical servers. Physical hardware servers are expensive to buy, run and maintain, and typically deliver very low levels of capacity usage - often as little as 15 to 20%.

Server virtualization allows physical servers to be deployed as virtual machines and consolidated onto less hardware. The result is lower operating and maintenance costs as power consumption from energy hungry servers is reduced and much less cooling is required.

As multiple virtual machines can be run on a single server and each is independent of one another, several different operating systems can co-exist on the same physical server. As long as the server has the required processing power and memory, as many as 15 or more virtual machines can function at the same time.

As accredited but vendor-independent specialists in creating virtualization infrastructures, PT Solutions can provide the mix of technologies that meet our client's needs.

Server virtualization technology products supported by PT Solutions include VMWare® ESX, Citrix® XenServerTM and Microsoft® Hyper-V®.

To find out whether virtualization is right for your business take a read of our White Paper: The Pros and Cons of virtualization for the SMB


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