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A Citrix® access infrastructure provides reliable and secure access to applications and information, allowing companies to deploy new services faster, improve client service, control risk and reduce costs. From one location, IT departments can deploy new applications and information, and deliver legacy applications over the web. Heterogeneous environments resulting from mergers and acquisitions can be integrated into a single cohesive enterprise, with users enjoying reliable, high-speed performance, even over low-bandwidth connections.

Citrix virtualization creates an end-to-end system that virtualises desktops, applications, and servers, and centralises them in the data centre and broadcasts them to users over any network as an on-demand service. Operations costs can be dramatically reduced and businesses can be made more efficient and agile. Industry experts agree the time is right to make the move from static application deployment to dynamic virtualization solutions.

Citrix Server Virtualization with XenServer®

Citrix XenServer® is a complete, managed server virtualization platform built on the powerful Xen hypervisor. Xen technology is widely acknowledged as the fastest and most secure virtualization software in the industry. XenServer is designed for efficient management of Windows® and Linux® virtual servers and delivers cost-effective server consolidation and business continuity.

XenServer is the enterprise-ready, cloud-proven virtualization platform that contains all the capabilities required to create and manage a virtual infrastructure. It is trusted by demanding organizations to run the most mission critical applications and used by the largest clouds and xSPs. XenServer:

  • Reduces costs by consolidating servers and reducing power, cooling, and datacenter space needs
  • Increases IT flexibility by allowing the provisioning of new servers and IT services within minutes
  • Ensures that application requirements and performance levels are always met
  • Minimizes downtime by reducing the impact of failures and protecting against disasters

The free edition of XenServer starts with a 64-bit hypervisor and centralised management, live migration, and conversion tools to create a virtual platform that maximises guest density and performance. The premium editions of XenServer extend the platform to enable organisations of any size to integrate and automate management processes, delivering a virtual datacentre solution.

Citrix Desktop Virtualization with XenDesktop®

Citrix XenDesktop® is a desktop virtualization solution that transforms Windows desktops and applications into an on-demand service available to any user, anywhere, on any device. With XenDesktop, you can securely deliver individual Windows, web and SaaS applications, or full virtual desktops, to PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, laptops and thin clients—all with a high-definition user experience.

XenDesktop is a comprehensive desktop virtualization solution that includes all the capabilities required to deliver desktops, apps and data securely to every user in an enterprise. Trusted by the world’s largest organizations, XenDesktop has won numerous awards for its leading-edge technology and strategic approach to desktop virtualization. XenDesktop helps businesses:

  • Enable virtual workstyles to increase workforce productivity from anywhere
  • Leverage the latest mobile devices to drive innovation throughout the business
  • Rapidly adapt to change with fast, flexible desktop and app delivery for offshoring, M&A, branch expansion and other initiatives
  • Transform desktop computing with centralised delivery, management and security

A complete line of XenDesktop editions lets you choose the ideal solution for your business needs and IT strategy. XenDesktop VDI edition, a scalable solution for delivering virtual desktops in a VDI scenario, includes Citrix HDXTM technology, provisioning services, and profile management. XenDesktop Enterprise edition is an enterprise-class desktop virtualization solution with FlexCastTM delivery technology that delivers the right type of virtual desktop with on-demand applications to any user, anywhere. The comprehensive Platinum edition includes advanced management, monitoring and security capabilities.

Citrix Application Virtualization with XenApp®

Citrix application virtualization technology isolates applications from the underlying operating system and from other applications to increase compatibility and manageability. As a modern application delivery solution, XenApp® virtualizes applications via integrated application streaming and isolation technology. This application virtualization technology enables applications to be streamed from a centralised location into an isolation environment on the target device where they will execute. With XenApp, applications are not installed in the traditional sense. The application files, configuration, and settings are copied to the target device and the application execution at run time is controlled by the application virtualization layer. When executed, the application run time believes that it is interfacing directly with the operating system when, in fact, it is interfacing with a virtualization environment that proxies all requests to the operating system.

XenApp is unique in that it is a complete system for application delivery, offering both online and offline application access through a combination of application hosting and application streaming directly to user devices. When users request an application, XenApp determines if their device is compatible and capable of running the application in question. The minimum requirements of a target device are a compatible Windows® operating system and appropriate Citrix client software. If the user device meets minimum requirements, then XenApp initiates application virtualization via application streaming directly into an isolated environment on the user’s device. In the event that the user device is not capable of running a particular application, XenApp initiates session virtualization.


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