Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization delivers a complete desktop experience to users as a secure on-demand service whenever and wherever it is needed. It therefore offers new and powerful opportunities for IT departments to respond to changing user needs in a flexible way.

Traditionally, a user's computer will run an operating system (such as Windows® 7) with applications (such as Microsoft® Office®) and will also store the user's files and data locally. A virtualised desktop can be either client-hosted or centralised on servers in the data centre (often referred to as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI).

Client-hosted desktop virtualization creates a separate OS environment on the desktop which allows non-compatible, legacy applications to operate within their native environment on top of another, perhaps more current, operating system. Another scenario may be that two IT environments may be run concurrently on the same physical device.

VDI, however, allows for the centralisation of desktops, applications and data by taking the user's operating environment (OS, applications, files and data) and recreating them on a remote system - usually a virtual machine on a server in a data centre. The user simply accesses this remote environment from their device, wherever and whatever that happens to be, with all the processing taking place on the remote virtual machine.

End users benefit from a rich remote experience with a higher degree of flexibility (work-from- home, hot-desking) and highly secure and flexible access to their information. IT departments benefit from increased business continuity, as data is centralised, and integrated management of physical, virtual and session-based desktops.

Desktop virtualization technology products supported by PT Solutions include Microsoft® VDI, Citrix® XenDesktop® and VMWare® View.

To find out whether virtualization is right for your business take a read of our White Paper: The Pros and Cons of virtualization for the SMB


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