Application Virtualization

Application virtualization is a technology that allows users to execute applications without having them installed on their client computer. This is possible because the application virtualization technology takes resources such as memory allocations, device drivers, operating files, Windows® registry keys, etc. and recreates these in the virtual environment.

When the underlying physical and recreated virtual resources are merged and presented to the client computer the virtualization layer makes the application perform as if it were installed on the client computer.

In this way, applications become centrally managed virtual services that are never installed on the client computer. The technology delivers a variety of benefits including:

  • Applications can be streamed on-demand over the internet or via the corporate network to desktops, terminal servers and laptops resulting in greater user mobility as applications follow users.
  • Accelerates OS and application deployments reducing support costs, management overhead and wasted user time.
  • Automates and simplifies the application management lifecycle by significantly reducing application interoperability testing
  • Better user experience when application upgrades or patches are needed as the user is unaware that the process has taken place - no waiting, re-booting or uninstalling retiring applications.
  • Enables controlled application use when users are completely disconnected
  • Creates application-specific copies of all shared resources that are isolated into their own virtual environments
  • Allows for interaction with local system resources but prevents applications from overwriting the resources of other applications

Application virtualization technology products supported by PT Solutions include Microsoft® App- V, Citrix® XenAppTM and VMware® ThinAppTM.

To find out whether virtualization is right for your business take a read of our White Paper: The Pros and Cons of virtualization for the SMB


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