About Virtualization

Over the years servers have proliferated as new hardware has been added to data centres - usually to fulfil specific functions or run different operating systems and in almost all cases with excess un-used capacity on each server. Server farms have expanded dramatically both in number and size and data-centres have taken up valuable office space and consumed vast amounts of energy.

At the same time the number of expensive desktops, laptops, mobile devices and smart phones has grown exponentially as has the complexity of IT management. Business processes have become increasingly inflexible and incapable of adapting to new business needs. Add to this the ongoing evolution in work patterns with greater mobility, hot- desking and home- working and it is clear that things needed to change. And change they have!

Virtualization of servers, desktops, applications and storage has revolutionised the industry and is spreading rapidly to every part of the IT infrastructure. Essentially, virtualization allows a single computer (or server) to perform the functions that would have taken many. By sharing resources, virtual desktops and servers allow multiple operating systems and applications to be hosted from a single computer. Some of the many far reaching benefits delivered to PT Solutions' clients include:

  • Significant cost reductions: Less hardware so less capital expenditure, servicing, maintenance, warranties, energy consumption, space, complexity and management time.
  • Better systems agility: Deploy new applications in minutes across the entire enterprise, move live servers to new hardware or run risk-free test and development areas knowing you can easily roll back, rebuild and move servers around. The in-built agility of a virtualized environment allows you to respond to changing business demands quickly, safely and with minimal system downtime.
  • Simplified desktop and application management: Virtualization allows for desktop growth in line with business strategy. Expansions are easily catered for, refreshing of desktops and migration to new upgrades is simple, as is the rollout of new applications while lowering support and lifecycle costs. One- time, one location management of OS and applications is a reality.
  • Compliance and data security: Endpoint security is dramatically improved as data no longer resides on user devices and access to it is managed and controlled centrally through pre-configured policies.
  • Workforce freedom and flexibility: Employees can work in the most efficient and productive way and access key information securely from any device, anywhere, at any time. Flexible working programmes can cut facilities costs and deliver real competitive advantage.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Virtualization makes dealing with potential and actual risks and disruption much easier; risks are mitigated and recovery of data is almost instant as virtual server images can be left on hot standby ready for DR deployment. Physical server failures can be dealt with through seamless failover and downtime due to planned and unplanned outage can be kept near to zero.
  • Sustainability: In a world where energy conservation and responsible usage is such a high profile issue and organisations are striving to deliver carbon neutrality, any reduction in data centre power consumption is not only financially rewarding but adds to their 'green' credentials and benefits the environment. Virtualization can make a substantial contribution in this area.

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Despite the many benefits, virtualization may not be the right solution for every organisation. PT Solutions Solutions Analysis will help you understand whether virtualization is right for you and if so which virtualization technology would be most beneficial.

To find out whether virtualization is right for your business take a read of our White Paper: The Pros and Cons of virtualization for the SMB


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