Case Studies

  1. Foresters - A Compliant Backup And DR Solution
    A review of the Foresters IT infrastructure identified weaknesses in their Disaster Recovery (DR) plan as well as compliance issues. Foresters needed to be able to restore business-critical systems within 24 hours of a disaster and their existing DR plan was no longer deemed sufficient by external auditors. Backup took almost 20 hours and encroached on working hours leading to network performance issues, and their tape system could not cope with the volume of data resulting in vital data for DR not being saved. As well as being slow, the existing DR plan was hard to manage as off-site servers needed constant manual restores, and was expensive to deploy due to reliance on hardware purchases following a major disaster. Compliance infringements, potential lost business and the threat to member’s policy payments were all unacceptable risks to the business.

  2. Foresters - Virtualization delivers huge savings for Foresters Friendly Society
    A review of Foresters’ IT infrastructure by PT Solutions identified several weaknesses that would have a significant impact on their business development plan. Issues included aging hardware; of the 14 physical servers, 11 needed to be replaced or warranty support renewed. The growth of their customer database and data files related to it, meant the hard disk capacity of several business-critical servers was being reached rapidly.

  3. Option - Options get the support they need
    As Options has grown as an organisation and expanded geographically its IT infrastructure has expanded in a piecemeal way with systems set up to support the immediate requirement but without a longer term strategy that would equip it adequately for its future requirements. PT Solutions was engaged to review the existing infrastructure in order to deal with current performance issues but also to develop a sustainable and effective IT strategy for the future.

  4. FHT - VMware Server Virtualization Sets The FHT Up For Future Growth
    Although the FHT had deployed partial virtualization in the form of Citrix XenApp to provide remote access to certain applications, the main servers had not been virtualized. An underlying issue emerged with a key server that had wide-ranging implications for the organisation. They were suffering from repeated critical server failures due to issues with the motherboard which resulted in excessive systems downtime. This led to a general lack of confidence in the IT infrastructure due to the frequent inability to serve members effectively.

  5. FHT - A Holistic Approach to IT That Works For The FHT
    The FHT was approaching a time when it needed to purchase new hardware to replace old and failing PCs that were out of warranty and had reached their “end of life”. PT Solutions advised that a review of the IT infrastructure and ongoing requirements be conducted in order to determine the most appropriate course of action. It became clear that in addition to the hardware requirement, the software environment was difficult to manage and maintain; the organisation needed a more centralised and efficient solution for software installation, upgrades, management, security and access control.

  6. Foresters - Transition to Citrix XenApp
    As with all IT infrastructures, the Foresters system reached a point where several issues needed to be addressed simultaneously. As their IT support partner, PT Solutions worked with Foresters to identify weaknesses, bottlenecks and areas where costs could be reduced.

  7. Mayflower - Citrix Remote Access Helps The Show Go On
    In its external IT support role, PT Solutions was often asked to provide consultancy or work in support of the internal IT team. For some time the management team had been unable to access the organisation’s IT system when working from home. Some had used a VPN connection but this had proved unreliable and inefficient. A complete review of the organisation’s remote access requirement was needed in order to understand how best to move forwards given the need to provide greater functionality, efficiency and management control.

  8. Foresters - Consolidation of IT Support in Financial Services
    PT Solutions had provided IT support in various forms to Foresters since 1992; this relationship was strengthened further in 2003 when IT support was centralised and PT Solutions was entrusted with the contract due to its excellent track record with Foresters.


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