IT Health Check

Do you need a highly experienced IT professional to run their eye over your IT infrastructure and to let you know where your systems may be vulnerable or weak and how your business compares with best practise in these areas.

You may have questions such as:

  • Why is my network always slow?
  • Why does it take 5 minutes to logon to my PC every morning?
  • Is Active Directory and DNS configured correctly?
  • When I access our offices remotely my connection keeps dropping, why is this?
  • Are we using user profiles effectively?
  • Do we have a sufficient level of redundancy and backup?
  • Is our server hardware fit for purpose?
  • Are we using the most appropriate storage? 

Our IT Health Check can help find answers to these and many other questions. Whether you run an internal IT support team or rely on external resources, a fresh set of eyes could help you identify potential issues ranging from troublesome to business-critical.

Give us a call on 02380 111 844 today to book your IT Health Check.


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