Remote and Mobile Access

Remote and Mobile access is absolutely key in todays business world. If you can’t access your applications from any device, at anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection then you’re missing out…

Whether you’re a one man band without a server, or a 250 employee strong organisation we are here to assist in providing you the remote and mobile access you require…

A number of business issues are accelerating the adoption of remote access to enterprise PCs: -

  • Demand for flexible work styles: Employees need to be untethered from their physical PCs to stay productive as they balance the demands of work and home. The boundaries between work and home are becoming less defined, with employees needing safe and secure access to business resources from outside the corporate network.
  • Increased adoption of mobile devices: Today’s mobile devices are more powerful than ever, making them fully capable of executing complex business transactions. However, these increased capabilities also make these devices more susceptible to security breaches and attractive for hackers, given the vast amount of personal and sensitive data they can potentially contain. This situation is forcing IT to determine, which business transactions are suited for mobile devices.
  • Threats to corporate data: In the age of mobility, protecting corporate data and resources from remote networks becomes even more challenging, especially when the remote devices vary in form factor and operating system. This is why organizations should secure sensitive information behind the hardened barrier of a corporate network rather than extend the network to these devices through a VPN.
  • Drawbacks of VPNs for everyday users: IT administrators may require full access to the network as provided by an SSL VPN, but not every employee should be granted that same level of freedom. Extending the network to everyday users only exposes more risk. In addition, VPNs may also restrict the user experience or require additional training, making the search for an alternative solution even more compelling.

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