Your Virtual IT Department

Whether you use our services on an Ad-hoc basis, purchase Blocks of Time, have a contract with an SLA or outsource all your IT to us with staff positioned onsite at your premises, we are Your Virtual IT Department and we can service all your IT requirements regardless of how much onsite presence or engagement we have with you.

So what does this term really mean? Well it means that whether you are a small one man operation, or a 250 employee strong SMB you can have exactly the same IT provision, services and presence as you would if you employed an internal IT department, at a fraction of the price.

Alternatively if you already have an internal IT team and you’re looking for an IT Provider to supplement your current resource and provide additional assurance, then we can also operate as Your Virtual IT Department in this capacity.

Your IT is vitally important to us and we are constantly thinking of innovative ways to improve your user experience, whether in the office or remotely, so regardless of the level of support you require, we will provide you with exactly the same focus.

Business relationships are like personal relationships; sometimes things get a bit strained, and or circumstances change. Given the importance of IT to your business it’s important that your new IT Provider understands where the relationship went wrong and what areas you would like improved for the future.

As Your Virtual IT Department we will initially go through two exercises with you; reviewing your business plan through Solutions Analysis and your current IT infrastructure through an IT Health Check. Armed with this information we can ensure we put a plan in place to tailor your IT infrastructure around your business plan ensuring you are able to meet your business goals and objectives.

We concentrate on delivering Virtualization solutions for servers, desktops and applications making your life easier, improving your user experience and mobility options, whilst also providing a high Return of Investment (ROI) and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which helps when dealing with the Management and Maintenance of your systems.

If a programme of work is required to align your IT infrastructure with your desired business plan then we will Project Manage every aspect of the delivery, taking care of all aspects including Design and Implementation, whilst ensuring high quality services and products are delivered on time and within budget.

We are vendor independent and accredited with, and supported by the key vendors in the marketplace ensuring all of the solutions we deliver for you are industry standard products with the appropriate level of warranty and support attached.

Once we have completed our analysis we will discuss with you the most appropriate IT Support package for you based on where you wish to be, what IT infrastructure you currently have, the issues you experienced with your previous IT Provider, the level of engagement you require either onsite or remotely, the programme of work we may need to complete and the budget you have to work with.

Once we’re both happy that the systems required to achieve your business plan are aligned and in place, we ensure that your systems are implemented with Backup and Disaster Recovery in mind, ensuring that in the event of a serious system failure or disaster you can be up and running within minutes or hours rather than days or weeks without any data loss, or large scale disruption to your business operations. If we aren’t sure your systems are fully protected and can be recovered in any eventuality, then we find it hard to sleep, even if you can.

We’re also here to help educate you about emerging technologies, products or buzzwords, like Cloud Computing. It’s important every technology is reviewed with your requirements in mind and a joint decision is made about what is right for your business moving forward. If we don’t think its right for you, we will tell you.

We also deal with all of your hardware purchasing and supply, sharing discounts that we achieve through long standing relationships with our vendors directly with you as well as being able to provide a host of other Consultancy Services including Cabling and Cable Management and Remote and Mobile Access Solutions.

So as Your Virtual IT Department we take away all the stress of having to employ and manage IT staff in house, we keep our staff trained and accredited and ensure that you receive quality products and informed and educated services.


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